Dear Kid,

It is the perfect fall day.

The only things falling are leaves (no precipitation), the Bengals will be playing this afternoon, soup is happily bubbling on the stove, and all is (more or less) right with the world. At least our corner of the world.

I have Big Plans for the day (in addition to the soup). It’s time for Halloween decorations to get put away (assume someone helps me reach down the stuff that’s hanging up high), it’s time to go through the Pile on the Counter (scary—should have done that on Halloween), and it’s time to create a menu for the week. The probabilities for getting any of that done are crazy low because I’m going to the fab Girlfriendology’s house to watch the Bengals.

Some of Pi’s friends took Tal trick-or-treating to a few houses on Friday night. Her reaction? “I don’t understand why people just give out candy when you ask for it.” Isn’t culture interesting?

Did you see the recent political cartoon of two people, one dressed in a hazmat suit? The non-hazmat suit person said “Avoiding Ebola?” Hazmat Suit Man said, “No, political ads.” That’s about how I feel. I am ready for this election to be done, done, done. I have had it with the negative campaigns, I have had it with the constant bombardment of vote-for-me-not-them ads, and I have MORE than had it with people machines calling at all hours to tell me who to believe. (And by “all hours” I mean during dinner, while I’m typing this blog, and probably while I’m watching the Bengals.)

Hope all your interruptions are good ones.

Love, Mom