2014 Happy New Year DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

It’s official. The Year is Gone—Long Live 2014.

I have mixed feelings about New Year’s as a celebration. I love the optimism of the birth of a new year. I love the chance to say I can wipe the slate clean and become the person I really want to be. I love the opportunity to think about the changes I want to make. And the appetizers are generally really good.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that there is anything particularly magical about January 1st (with the exception of Cousin Steven’s Birthday which is always magical). We have the ability to take stock any day of the year, to make lasting change regardless of the date on the calendar. Statistics show that most people don’t keep their new year’s resolutions more than 3 days and 42 seconds (yet they spend 3 weeks writing their resolutions). If we know that, why do we insist on drafting resolutions every year, on making promises to ourselves that we have no real intention of keeping?

Because we really do want to make change. We really do strive to be better. We truly want to lose 10 pounds, go to the gym every day, get started hunting for a summer job, do our chores on time, get better grades. And January 1 gives us a minute to take a deep breath, list out those intentions and make a real start. Even if we didn’t make it to Day 4 last year, we have the chance to do better this year.

Studies have proven that trying to make a zillion changes at once is generally not successful. People are more likely to make real change (that lasts longer than 259,242 seconds) by making small, incremental changes rather than trying to revamp their entire existence.

So think about who you want to be and what you want to achieve in 2014. Make plans to take manageable, incremental steps to reach those goals, and go for it. Be the best you possible in this new year.

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2014.

Love, Mom

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Binker by A. A. Milne

Binker-what I call him-is a secret of my own,
And Binker is the reason why I never feel alone.
Playing in the nursery, sitting on the stair,
Whatever I am busy at, Binker will be there.

Oh, Daddy is clever, he’s a clever sort of man,
And Mummy is the best since the world began,
And Nanny is Nanny, and I call her Nan-

But they can’t See Binker.

Binker’s always talking, ‘cos I’m teaching him to speak
He sometimes likes to do it in a funny sort of squeak,
And he sometimes likes to do it in a hoodling sort of roar…
And I have to do it for him ‘cos his throat is rather sore.

Oh, Daddy is clever, he’s a clever sort of man,
And Mummy knows all that anybody can,
And Nanny is Nanny, and I call her Nan-

But they don’t Know Binker.

Binker’s brave as lions when we’re running in the park;
Binker’s brave as tigers when we’re lying in the dark;
Binker’s brave as elephants. He never, never cries…
Except (like other people) when the soap gets in his eyes.

Oh, Daddy is Daddy, he’s a Daddy sort of man,
And Mummy is as Mummy as anybody can,
And Nanny is Nanny, I call her Nan…

But they’re not like Binker.

Binker isn’t greedy, but he does like things to eat,
So I have to say to people when they’re giving me a sweet,
“Oh, Binker wants a chocolate, so could you give me two?”
And then I eat it for him, cos his teeth are rather new.

Well, I’m very fond of Daddy, but he hasn’t time to play,
And I’m very fond of Mummy, but she sometimes goes away,
And I’m often cross with Nanny when she wants to brush my hair…

But Binker’s always Binker, and is certain to be there.