Dear Kid,

Last night I went to a Gala Event (and by “gala event” I mean a lot of people in business suits eating good hors d’oeuvres) at the Horseshoe Casino downtown.

The Gala was to celebrate businesses that are among the top 25 in their industry in the area. Since my employer is one of them, I got to go.

Let me just go on record here as saying the Horseshoe is big. Seriously big. Bigger than big. I was somewhat stunned at the bigness.

When you first step off the elevator from the parking garage there are very nice, very large security guards to make sure you are not smuggling in anyone under 21. They did not ask to see my ID. I don’t know that that is a compliment…

Horseshoe Casino Bobby Flay's Burgers DearKidLoveMom.comI asked one of these very nice gentlemen how to get to the Book of Lists event. “Just walk on back over that way,” he said pointing, “and you’ll see the escalators on your right. Just go right up.”

He neglected to mention that it would be a half mile hike and that I would require frequent stops along the way to ask for directions. Seriously, I had to stop someone and ask directions. I was sure I’d passed the escalators since I’d been walking so far. Nope. But the lady I asked very kindly offered to escort me so I wouldn’t get lost. Which was probably a good thing as we passed several people who may have been sitting in the same place in the casino for several weeks.

At the top of the escalator there was a showgirl in full regalia. And by “full regalia” I mean tiny costume, high heels, and huge headdress. It was lovely, if a little odd since I was later told they don’t have shows at the Horseshoe.

MadCap Puppets Horseshoe Casino DearKidLoveMom.comMadCap Puppets Horseshoe Casino DearKidLoveMom.comInside the ballroom, were the aforementioned business suits, hors d’oeuvres, and – wait for it – some of the MadCap Puppets. Have I mentioned lately how much I love those dudes?  The awesome John Lewandowski, Artistic & Executive Director for MadCap, was there too. (Shameless plug for the arts in Cincinnati.)

As I was leaving, I added a quarter mile to the six mile hike to sightsee a little. I went by Bobby’s Burger Palace (sniffs yummy from the outside) which is right next to Starbucks (wouldn’t want to fall asleep at the blackjack tables) and the gift store (in case you want a nice trinket). There are more restaurants in the casino, but I didn’t have compass so I stayed on the well-lit path.

Hope your day stays on a well-lit path. Stay warm, sweetie.

Love, Mom

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