Dear Kid Love Mom DearKidLoveMom Letter about lost earringsDear Kid,

The coolest thing happened yesterday.

As I was walking in to work, I realized one of my earrings had fallen out. I looked around, didn’t see it, and decided that since I was juggling more than most bag ladies (plus a cup of hot coffee), I would put things down before continuing the search. I was about half way from my car to the office, so I scooted in, put my stuff down and went back out to search.

Now, I know you are not a Person of the Pierced Variety, but I’m sure you can understand that I was not a happy human. First of all, I really like those earrings (I never seem to lose the ones I can live without–maybe because I never wear them…). Secondly, I would look lopsided having one big, dangly earring and one bare-naked lobe. So I went searching.

Nothing. Nada. Not a glimmer of sparkle on the cement. I went to where I was pretty sure it had fallen out. I went back to the car (must get around to cleaning out the car–pretty sure there is another lost earring in there somewhere). I scoured the ground (just with my eyes) between car and Spot Of The Loss. Would have brought in a bloodhound if I had access to one. Considered getting Booker, but since I’ve never taught him how to sniff for  a lost earring, I decided he wouldn’t be much help.

Seriously bummed, I went to work.

Are you ready for the cool and surprise part of the story?

I went out at lunchtime, and there, looking as innocent as can be, right outside the office front door, was my earring. Woo Hoo! Grand jewelry celebration and all that.

It’s amazing how finding something you thought was gone can make the whole world a happier place.

Grandma and Grandpa are back from Europe. Please say hello when you have a minute.

Love, Mom