Dear Kid,

Whose ridiculous idea was this?

Today is Lazy Day. Not National Lazy Day because clearly the inventors of this holiday were far too lazy to figure out the national implications.

I like the word "indolence." It makes my laziness seem classy. Bern Williams. DearKidLoveMom.comThey were (obviously) also too lazy to look at a calendar, because today is (yes) MONDAY.

And Monday is the exact opposite of Lazy.

Monday is Back-to-Work day.

Monday is the-week-is-sitting-in-front-of-you day.

Monday is you-just-finished-a-weekend-what’s-your-problem day.

Efficiency is intelligent laziness. David Dunham. DearKidLoveMom.comMonday is not Lazy Day.

Not even for children who don’t have to go back to college for a week or two.

If you didn’t get enough laziness over the weekend, I suggest saving today until the weekend and catching up on your lazy then.

Love, Mom

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