Dear Kid,

There will be no DearKidLoveMom post today on account of too little writing and too much weeding which has me now resting on my back. The weeding, not the lack of writing.

I am typing this with the laptop on my tummy. I don’t recommend this position as one that is terribly good for accuracy and speed. The “backspace” button is my new best friend.

On the plus side, one-third of one-tenth 0f the weeds down by the iris are now gone. On the downside, I left lots of little weed piles for Dad to clean up. He’s guaranteed to be pleased about that.

Hopefully, he’ll direct all his “pleased-ness” at the lawn mower people. He took the mower in for repair the other day (don’t ask why. I have no clue nor any interest in finding out). Today, he discovered that they gave him back a squeaky mower. He had a marvelous time playing with the lawnmower and the WD-40, and then set out to mow the lawn.

I don’t exactly know what the current problem is, but it involves a lot of new and interesting expletives and a  lot of not-so-great sounds from the lawn mower.

I expect someone will be getting a call on Monday.

Rule for Life: Lawnmowers only break on weekends. Lawnmower repair people never work on weekends.

Have a great weekend, sweetheart.


Your Horizontal Mom