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First Things First | Who’s on First?

Laugh out loudDear Kid,

As we expected, orientation was full of firsts. First time to spend the night in the dorm, first time eating with Culinary Services (no longer called the cafeteria), first time registering for classes, meeting first friends at college.

Walking back from the evening activities with fellow Forensic Chemistry major Carley, we somehow got on the subject of Abbot and Costello — except that she had never heard of them. Being the type of people we are (thee and me), we launched into an abbreviated, impromptu, inaccurate, and entirely hilarious rendition of Who’s on First?

Being a Smart Chickie, Carley caught on quickly and the three of us Who, What, and I-Don’t-Know’d our way across campus laughing like…whatever three laughing people laugh like. It was a very fun way to end a LONG day full of information overload.

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

Turns out humans laugh 17 times a day on average. Most animals don’t laugh; fish almost never giggle. And while it is rumored that crocodiles smile, no one has ever seen a croc belly laugh. Scientists don’t entirely understand laughter, and much of what has been written about understanding laughter is laughably un-understandable.

What we do know (by which I mean scientists know and I was able to understand from the research) is that laughter is really good for us. Laughter reduces stress hormones. According to at least one source laughter is excellent for weight control (laughing 100 times is equal to 15 minutes on an exercise bike) but if that’s true I should weigh about 3 ounces total. There is no evidence that getting other people to laugh is a weight loss strategy which is highly unfortunate.

The other thing we know about laughter is that something has to be funny for people to laugh. As you know, I am often hilarious. Therefore, it is my considered opinion that reading Dear Kid Love Mom is good for your health, good for reducing stress, and good for remembering that we love you.

Let me be the first one to wish you, Carley, Brandon, and everyone else a great time at college. Until then, enjoy the next 19 or so days. And don’t forget to laugh.

Love, Mom

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