Dear Kid,

Huzzah! DearKidLoveMom.comThe good news: As reported previously, John Oliver is indeed going to have his own show. Huzzah!

The not so good news: It won’t be on Comedy Central. It will be on HBO.

The bad news: We don’t get HBO. And I assume you won’t be getting HBO at college either.

One word: YouTube


The good news: We got the new internet box working. Huzzah!

The not so good news: It took 432 hours.

The bad news: We will have to change it out again at some point.

One word: Technology


The good news: The International Olympic Committee has created a $10 Million anti-doping fund to monitor athletes and work with law enforcement agencies. Huzzah!

The not so good news: It’s not at all clear when the changes will go into effect but it won’t be in time for Sochi.

The bad news: The IOC has to have another meeting to finalize this new direction. Poor babies.

One word: It’s-about-time


The good news: You’re home from college for a month. Huzzah!

The not so good news: So are 90% of your belongings.

The bad news: All your stuff is in the dining room.

One word: Kitchen-table


The good news: It’s a bright, sunny day. Huzzah!

The not so good news: It’s 22 degrees. Brrrr.

The bad news: It’s supposed to start snowing later.

One word: Weather-wimp

Love, Mom