Dear Kid,

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. DearKidLoveMom.comWe had the first snow of the year fall this week. The snow that fell on the streets melted quickly, but enough stuck to the grass and plants to make everything look frosted and wintery. Booker had a marvy time bounding through the drifts (there was enough snow to cover his paws if he sank into the grass a little), his ears flapping behind him, and a big dopey grin on his little face.

The asparagus plants were particularly pretty. The snow had mostly melted and refrozen and their fern-like fronds were outlined in ice. Pur-ty. I forgot to take my camera with me on my early walk and by the time I went out later the magic was gone. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Christmas music has started on Sirius XM (in case you’re interested). I love Christmas music, but turning it on this early in the season seems a bit much to me. Mostly because there is a limit to how much Christmas music I can love, and starting this early means I will hit my limit well before we December 25th. Especially because Sirius XM and I don’t always agree on what is Good Christmas Music. On the other hand, it seems to fit with the snowy weather. Let it snow, let it snow.

Meanwhile, in Sweden two women have invented what is possibly the coolest item of the year: the invisible bike helmet. Watch the video. Seriously, trust me, you need to watch the whole thing. Really.

Unfortunately, the invisible helmets aren’t yet approved in the US–and the cost is almost $600, so don’t add it to your gift list any time soon. But, one of these days….

Have a crash-free day.

Love, Mom