Dear Kid,

Happy InternHappy International Picnic Day! DearKidLoveMom.comational Picnic Day. Think hot dogs, pasta salad, and watermelon. (And cookies—it’s also National Splurge Day so have a couple.)

The first picnic (I wasn’t there, but I have it on good authority) consisted of an apple—which wasn’t all that filling but had far reaching consequences.

Other sources (like The Wiki) indicate that picnics date back to medieval times (they haven’t really done enough research).

In fact, the modern day picnic was invented by Sir Francis de Pick Nick. Sir Francis’ family unwisely over-invested in red and white checkered fabric. S.F. wasn’t keen on being outfitted in big checks (remember the outfits made from drapes in the Sound of Music?) so he created a marketing campaign starring picnics and checkered tablecloths. (And yes, Jenny, I spelled it right this time!)

Ready for a picnic? (Around here, most picnics will be indoor events since significant precipitation is predicted.)

Don’t forget the ants. Or the pick-a-nic basket (extra points if you get the reference).

Love, Mom