Dear Kid,

Winter is Coming Here.

We didn't get much snow in Cincinnati this time, but other places did. To everyone who got more snow than we did, stay warm and stay safe. DearKidLoveMom.comThere was a lot of snowcraze in the forecast, and our office closed at 3pm yesterday so that people could get home before things got really bad.

That worked in that there was very little snow when we left. However, according to the traffic reports, people were driving like idiots trying to get away from the Snow That Wasn’t (or possibly the Snow That Was to Be) because there were accidents all over town.

According to the Dad Forecast, there wasn’t going to be enough snow to get concerned about so we let Pi sleep over at a friend’s house last night.

Which meant that I had to jump out of bed this morning and assess whether it would be safe for her to drive home. (It is.)

According to the Driveway Report (an index of how much snow is on our driveway and therefore might or might not get shoveled), there wasn’t really any snow. Danger of pulled muscles due to shoveling: zero.

According to the Puppy Report, it is dang cold and it would be much nicer if he could figure out how to go for a walk without actually having to touch the ground. But at least there isn’t any ice.

According to the News People, there might still be snow in the area (although it doesn’t sound like they really mean it).

I think what happened was that the Advance Scout Snowflakes landed here and reported that we were already freaking out about the storm and that the snow would have more fun going other places to wreak havoc.

Which it did, because according to Auntie M in Maryland, it is hard to open the door to let the puppy out. Fortunately, that puppy has much longer legs than our puppy and is unlikely to get lost in the snow.

Also, according to Auntie M, the best term going for this storm is SnOMG.

To everyone experiencing weather, stay warm and stay safe.

Love, Mom

Since everyone is stuck inside, remind them to read DearKidLoveMom. It’s very warming.