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You’re Not Going to Believe What Holiday Today Is

Dear Kid,


Happy Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (I did not make this up). Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day was invented sometime in the 1960s in Rochester, NY (because everyone thinks of starting their day off with ice cream when it’s minus 142 degrees outside).

There are all sorts of ice cream flavors including lots of breakfast flavors (I’m not aware of a green eggs and ham one, although there very well could be such a thing).

There are the fruit flavors (orange, banana, strawberry), the coffee flavors (coffee, mocha), and the breakfast pastry flavors (donut, cinnamon roll).

There is bacon ice cream, and French toast ice cream, and most ice cream is made with an egg base.

There are waffle cones and cookie cones and don’t even get me started about the variety of add-ins that are really should be considered breakfast food.

The big question (duh) is WHO CARES IF IT’S PRETENDING TO BE BREAKFAST FOOD? It’s a holiday. Ice cream is being celebrated. What more rationale could you possibly want?

Eat your breakfast.

Love, Mom

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Udderly Weird Facts About Cows

Dear Kid,

Moo. Weird facts about cows. (But no Shakespeare). DearKidLoveMom.comUdderly weird facts about cows.

There are approximately 340-350 squirts in a gallon of milk.

Cows may smell bad, but they have a great sense of smell. They can smell something up to 6 miles away. They hear really well too. Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans. I have no idea how this helps them.

It takes 12 pounds of whole milk to make one gallon of ice cream. And 21.2 pounds of whole milk to make one pound of butter. (Speaking of butter, the yellow color comes from beta-carotene in the grass cows eat.)

Cows are social animals, and they naturally form large herds. Within the herd, cows make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. No word on whether they start nasty rumors about the ones they don’t much like.

A cow’s normal body temperature is 101.5°F. Which makes them really hot stuff. And keeps the butter melted.

Love, Mom

Tomorrow: How to tell the difference between cows and college students.

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New Technology, Ice Cream, and Other Noteworthy Events


How do you say No Public Restrooms in Bird?

Dear Kid,

In case you missed it, Apple is looking at a new technology. Since that is not a very helpful sentence (seeing as how Apple is ALWAYS looking at new technology), allow me to be more specific. Apple is evaluating/inventing/refining/whatev Gaze Detection Technology. What does this mean? So glad you asked. (You always seem to know just the right thing to say when I’m putting words in your mouth.)

Basically, it means that when you look away from the screen, the computer pauses and waits for your attention to return. Kind of techno-egotistical if you ask me. I can just hear the robot voice, “I AM the center of attention and I can just wait here all day until you’re ready.”

More importantly, it means that when you look up at the ceiling in hope that the answer is magically written there you won’t miss anything important on your laptop.

In the biggest non-event in the technical world, Twitter had some down time on Monday and is now back up and happily running. The “duh” is implied.

There is a new Facebook app that let’s anyone co-sponsor a bill in the House. It’s called and I’m pretty sure I don’t get it.

Did you know that Ben and Jerry’s has Cannoli flavored ice cream? According to their website it is Mascarpone Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Cannoli Pastry Shell Chunks & a Mascarpone Swirl. That may be the most beautiful thing I’ve heard all day.

It seems that one of the adult birds now raising a family in our garage took advantage of my open car window to pretend to be an Indy car racer. Why a bird would choose to sit in a 400 year old Camry rather than going (key word here) outside on a beautiful day is beyond me. But go it did. On the parking brake. I am not amused. I am also not interested in trying to teach a bird to be house broken. Garage broken? Car broken? Anyway, I am posting a No Public Restrooms  sign on my windows.

In other news, we are still waiting to hear the results of Pi’s soccer non-tryouts. She did well at the Tryouts Part I but was injured for Part II (I swear the only thing holding that child together is duct tape and will power), so we’ll have to see what the coaches do with her. Stay tuned.

Also, she’s leaving for camp on Tuesday, so now would be a Most Excellent Time to write her an actual letter so that it gets to her in the first couple of days. This reminder has been brought to you by your mother.

Love, Mom

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