Dear Kid,

Dart Wars is a Big Freakin’ Deal here. I know this because teenagers are actually using their cell phones to have conversations. Talking conversations, not just texting.

Week 3 is here. Sort of.

Dart Wars Week 3 and I don’t have much to report.

Week 2 included lots of crazy tweets and photos of puppies (don’t ask why Dart Wars included photos of puppies—I have no idea. But I’m not really one to argue about cute fluffiness.). Week 2 also included our team winning and moving on to Week 3.

And now the giggles and strategies of Week 1 seem to have disappeared as have the girls themselves. Gone are the strategy sessions that rival plots of a Bourne movie (or book—I love the books). Gone are the days of actually talking on the phone (yep, we’re back to texting). Gone are the various team members descending in ones and twos and half dozens on our house.

I can’t tell if they are all too busy or just plain bored.

The interesting thing is that (according to the scouting reports) they are up against a really good team this week. A really good team who seems to have been afflicted with the same malaise.

No one has showed up at our house (Puppy says it’s because they are afraid of him—he’s said he will protect the girls and he means it). No one has chased the girls across town. No one has even hired a helicopter to spy out the situation.

It’s a bit of a change from Week 1.

Stay tuned for Important Dart Wars Updates.

Love, Mom