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You’re Not Going to Believe What Holiday Today Is

Dear Kid,


Happy Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (I did not make this up). Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day was invented sometime in the 1960s in Rochester, NY (because everyone thinks of starting their day off with ice cream when it’s minus 142 degrees outside).

There are all sorts of ice cream flavors including lots of breakfast flavors (I’m not aware of a green eggs and ham one, although there very well could be such a thing).

There are the fruit flavors (orange, banana, strawberry), the coffee flavors (coffee, mocha), and the breakfast pastry flavors (donut, cinnamon roll).

There is bacon ice cream, and French toast ice cream, and most ice cream is made with an egg base.

There are waffle cones and cookie cones and don’t even get me started about the variety of add-ins that are really should be considered breakfast food.

The big question (duh) is WHO CARES IF IT’S PRETENDING TO BE BREAKFAST FOOD? It’s a holiday. Ice cream is being celebrated. What more rationale could you possibly want?

Eat your breakfast.

Love, Mom

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First Week of October Holidays | Seriously?

Dear Kid,

Today is Name Your Car Day.

I don’t know why. I don’t know why there needs to be a specific day for car naming, and I don’t know why October 2nd should be that day in particular. But it is so here we are.

Name Your Car Day.

I speak fluent sarcasm. DearKidLoveMom.comWhatev.

It’s also Get Organized Week.

There are about a zillion things wrong with the concept of the first week in October being Get Organized Week. The first and most obvious is that it will take far longer than a week to get organized. In the space of a week, I can probably manage to get the silverware drawer organized. I might be able to add in organizing my thoughts (but probably not). Beyond that, call in the professionals and allocate a whole lot more than 7 days.

It’s also not obvious to me why one (in this case “one” means someone else) would choose the first week in October as Get Organized Week. It’s not the natural start of anything (the new year, the school year, the summer solstice), it’s not the week or so before the natural start of anything, and who the heck tries to get organized right before Halloween (which is sort of the anti-organized holiday).

You may have guessed that I will not be celebrating Get Organized Week by attempting to organize my life.

On the flip side, October is Sarcastic Month. Don’t know who invented that one or why, but I love them. And I will be celebrating to the fullest extent possible. (And I will probably be using the sarcasm font. A lot.)

Enjoy naming your car. (Happy Sarcastic Month.)

Love, Mom

Tell everyone about Why not? It’s a fun place to hang out.

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It’s Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (Yes, Really — Here’s What You Need to Know)

Dear Kid,

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. DearKidLoveMom.comToday is – wait for it – Take Your Pants for a Walk Day.

Yep, there is a Day for taking your Pants for a Walk, and it’s July 27th.

This is (of course) ridiculous.

Because it is about a thousand degrees outside today. So people who are going for walks are (mostly) wearing shorts.

Also, this could be seen as discrimination against skirts.

But the point is, how does one actually take pants for a walk? When we take the Puppy for a walk there is a leash involved. Do you have to put a leash (or at least a belt) on your pants? Or can you assume they’ll just go with you?

Do you have to be wearing the pants? Are you supposed to take ALL of your pants at once? Or do you take them sequentially? Or is taking one pair of pants symbolically sufficient?

There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

The e-card business is all kinds of excited about celebrating Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. But I’m not sure who you’re supposed to send the cards to exactly. Maybe I have stupid pants, because none of them know how to read. And they’d have to borrow my computer to read an e-card, so that seems a little silly.

Bottom line: Take yourself for a walk, because why not? If you want to take your pants with you, have a good time. If you want to leave your pants at home, that’s fine as long as you find another way to cover all the important bits.

Happy Take Your Pants for a Walk Day.

Love, Mom

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Fool’s Paradise isn’t Geeky

Dear Kid,

Just in case you weren’t keeping up with the Calendar of Events, I should remind you that today is Embrace Your Geekness Day.

For the record, spell check is not a fan of “Geekness.”

In this era when toddlers walk around with outrageous amounts of computing power in their hands, the idea of geekiness continues to morph.

Just a few years ago, it was geeky to text. A few years before that, only the geekiest had their own laptop.

There was a time (brace yourself) when only geeks had cell phones.

Now it’s not even geeky to have an Apple watch. (Expensive, yes; geeky, no.)

Today is also Fool’s Paradise Day. Fool’s Paradise is a phrase that has been around for a long time, but has recently been made more famous by the adorable couple in the Swiffer commercial. I hope Morty and Lee (she’s 90) are celebrating today by dancing together on their clean floor.

Tomorrow is National Nude Day and Pandemonium Day. Yep, seems to me they go together. Enough said.

Love, Mom


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Father’s Day and Why It’s Important

Dear Kid,

Today is Father’s Day.

What is your idea of the best Father's Day gift? DearKidLoveMom.comI’ve thought about Father’s Day a lot over the years. I’ve considered whether it is a “Hallmark Holiday”—one of those faux holidays created primarily to sell cards and beer.

I’ve related the history of Father’s Day (not Hallmark).

I’ve wondered whether Father’s Day is redundant because we should Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother every day not just on a Sunday in June.

This year, I’ve decided that Father’s Day is Important. Yes, we should honor and respect and even occasionally talk to our parents all year. But sometimes we take Dads for granted. Sometimes we forget to tell them how important they are to us. Sometimes we assume that when we say “Hi Dad” they magically know that means “You are the best dad ever and I love you.”

We know how important it is to us that they were at the game we lost, but we don’t always remember to tell Dad how much it meant.

We know how important it is to us that they listened to a rambling story and tried to keep up with all the participants, but we generally get frustrated that they confuse the two Bens in the story and forget to tell them we appreciate their interest.

We know how important it is to us that they sat through hours of band concerts when they could have been doing something (anything!) else. But we never remember to say Thanks for Coming to My Concert.

We know how proud they are of us, no matter what we do. But we forget to tell them how proud we are of all they have done, for us and for others.

So I’ve decided this year that Father’s Day is important. It’s a reminder to tell Dad how much he means, how wonderful he is, and how much we love him.

(I love you, Daddy!)

Love, Mom

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