Puppy wants to go to collegeDear Kid,

Friday night the Sycamore Aviators soundly defeated whoever it was they were playing. We were not there due a previous commitment, so we had to rely on the newspaper, Twitter, texts from all of Pi’s teammates, etc. to get the news. She returns to the field next week to the great joy and relief of the special teams coach.

Puppy love. Can it get any cuter?In puppy-raising news, Auntie M and Sean took Tanner to “college” at Guiding Eyes for the Blind just before you went to college. Auntie M said that at a restaurant on the trip “Tanner brilliantly executed the “be cute” and “provide obstacle for waiter” commands.” So proud. Once at school, he had to take a placement test (just like your math placement test, he wasn’t allowed to use a calculator). Their new puppy will (we think) be arriving sometime this week. Lots of idle speculation (my fave) about which puppy it will be. I’m confident in predicting he will be adorable and fluffy (in a puppy sort of way, not a Gabriel Iglesias sort of way) and that sooner or later we will get a photo. Puppies show here above are pretty much guaranteed not be be raised by Auntie M and Uncle Sean. Last minute addition to the post: Anakin must have arrived either last night or early this morning because I just received this adorable picture (thanks Grandma!). Welcome to the Family Anakin. May the Force be with you (too easy, I know) and may you grow up to be a wonderful addition to the Guiding Eyes family.Anakin Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy

In Other News you will, I’m sure, be delighted to know that there is a new Guinness Book Record for the World’s Thinnest Sheet of Glass. It’s just 2 atoms thick which means it won’t be replacing windshields anytime soon. (Researchers think there will be uses in nanotechnology. But since they discovered it by accident, they aren’t worrying too much.)

Twitter has announced it’s going public (as in offering stock) which is probably totally uninteresting to you since it is unlikely to change anything about Twitter and you are a college kid which by definition means you have no money to invest in the stock market. Moving on.

Dad is at the Great Ohio River Paddle (GORP) today. He left at some crazy hour this morning (and by “Crazy Hour” I mean I’m not sure why he went to sleep in the first place). I suggested he take Booker (Booker thought it was a great idea) but Dad thought the notion of riding an hour and a half each way with a whining dog was not his idea of a Fun Sunday. Can’t say I completely disagree especially because he’ll be driving home in the truck which doesn’t have a Backseat for Little Dogs to Ride In. Dad will race home once the event ends and it will be all hands on deck (or all hands unloading truck) to empty out all the food and equipment, get the truck returned, and get Daddy off to the airport.

In addition to the Mad Dash to Unload the GORP truck, today will be full of excitement here. Booker may get a bath (he has very mixed feelings about that–the bath idea sounds terrible, but the Cheese After the Bath is Quite Wonderful), Pi will do homework, I will attempt to relocate our kitchen (it may have wandered away again), and other weekend-ish activities.

If you have a moment, you might send your new Cousin Anakin a welcome greeting.

Love, Mom