Dear Kid,

Me: What are you looking for?
Puppy: Food!
Me: Did you lose a piece of food under the refrigerator?
Puppy: Food! Food!
Me: Would you like some help?
Puppy: Food! Food! Food!
Me: How about I give you a different piece of food
Puppy: I like different
Me: Ok, here you go
Puppy: Delicious. Now we have to get the first piece
Me: I thought I just gave you a piece of food
Puppy: What does that have to do with THIS piece of food?
Me: Hang on, lemme see. Ok, I think we can get that
Puppy: Food! Food! Food! I’m so excited
Me: Well, move your nose so I can get to it
Puppy: I’m helping
Me: Not really. Move your nose
Puppy: Food! Food!
Me: Here you go
Puppy: You have very useful pinkie fingers
Me: Thank you
Puppy: Can I have a treat?

Puppy: Mom
Me: Hmmm?
Puppy: Mom!
Me: Working, you’ll have to wait a few minutes
Puppy: MOM!
Me: What? What is so important you couldn’t wait a few minutes?
Puppy: It’s time
Me: No
Puppy: Really, it’s time
Me: It is not dinner time
Puppy: My tummy thinks it’s dinner time
Me: Your tummy is running fast today
Puppy: I’m not running!

Puppy: It’s time
Me: Really honey, it’s not dinner time
Puppy: But MOM—I have to, you know
Me: Eat? I know you always have to eat
Puppy: Yes, but now I have to go out
Me: Really? Or is this a ploy to get dinner earlier?
Puppy: Really, really. But now that you mention it, I could eat dinner early…just to make it easier for you…

Love, Mom

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