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4th Recap and Some Things Just Have to Be Said

Dear Kid,

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

There was so much going on this weekend—celebrations in different cities with different families of different times in our lives.

Shout out to those at #Kutz50 this weekend–Love you guys! Sorry we couldn’t be with you.

One of these days I will figure out how to clone myself and be all places simultaneously. In the meantime, I’m grateful for Facebook and people who share photos.

Shout out to those at Red, White, and Blue Ash–Thank you for enjoying the evening for us!

Shout out to family gathered in Cleveland–Oh wait. I’m here. No shouting necessary. Yay!

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. DearKidLoveMom.comWe watched fireworks from the rooftop in Cleveland last night. It was absolutely amazing to see all the fireworks from countless localities all at once. It was a panorama of pretty. A kaleidoscope of kaboom (without most of the noise). Very, very cool.

And just when we thought the show was nearing its end, the City of Cleveland started its fireworks show. Spectacular.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to take a small moment for a Public Service Announcement.

Dear ‘Murica,

No, it’s not better when you take a photo of fireworks using your iphone with the flash on.

No, it’s not better when you hand your nephew a burning sparkler and tell him to stick the end through the chain link fence so he doesn’t get burned.

No, a few more beers does not improve your ability to set off fireworks. Let the professionals do it. You should stick with saying “ooh” and “ahh.”

No, it is not funny to try to convince your dog that fireworks are fun. Let him go inside and cower in the privacy of his own home.

Sorry. Some things just have to be said.

Hope you enjoyed your fireworks show last night and you have a great day today.

Get some sleep, kiddo. Pretty sure you need it.

Love, Mom

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Fourth of July | Real Freedom and Ice Cream for Breakfast

Fourth of JulyDear Kid,

Happy Birthday, America!

The Fourth of July is our national holiday for picnics, the 1812 Overture, and fireworks. It is also a time to think about freedom.

There are all different kinds of freedom. There is freedom of speech, freedom from debt, freedom to vote, freedom from hunger…it’s a long list.

With college comes more freedom. Certainly different kinds of freedom. You’ll have the freedom to make choices about how you behave, about who you spend time with, about where you go. You’ll have the freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast or stay up for days at a time. But just because you have the option, doesn’t mean you should choose to act in a way that might make some people raise an eyebrow.

As you move in to a time of more freedom, take a moment to think about who you want to be. Freedom means (equally) the option to choose to say yes or no. (The occasional wacky meal is not a bad thing; eating nothing but ice cream for four years is probably not a recipe for success.)

Happy 4th!

Love, Mom

1812 Overture and fireworks provided for your viewing pleasure.

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