Dear Kid,

Just in case you weren’t keeping up with the Calendar of Events, I should remind you that today is Embrace Your Geekness Day.

For the record, spell check is not a fan of “Geekness.”

In this era when toddlers walk around with outrageous amounts of computing power in their hands, the idea of geekiness continues to morph.

Just a few years ago, it was geeky to text. A few years before that, only the geekiest had their own laptop.

There was a time (brace yourself) when only geeks had cell phones.

Now it’s not even geeky to have an Apple watch. (Expensive, yes; geeky, no.)

Today is also Fool’s Paradise Day. Fool’s Paradise is a phrase that has been around for a long time, but has recently been made more famous by the adorable couple in the Swiffer commercial. I hope Morty and Lee (she’s 90) are celebrating today by dancing together on their clean floor.

Tomorrow is National Nude Day and Pandemonium Day. Yep, seems to me they go together. Enough said.

Love, Mom