Dear Kid,

You have no idea how trendy I am.

Turns out punch pubs (or punch bowl bars if you prefer) are the hottest trend in adult beverage gathering spots.

And the newest one in Cincinnati is Myrtle’s Punch House (owned by a woman named Molly who I have it on good authority is terrific). And your mama was there last night helping my friend Keri and some of her fab friends celebrate some iteration of her 29th birthday.

Aren’t you impressed?

The punch of the evening was Fish House Punch which was a massive misnomer because it contained neither fish nor house (I asked).

Punch--the hottest drink trend DearKidLoveMom.comAccording to My Friend The Internet, Fish House Punch is made from rum, Cognac, and peach brandy served over ice and garnished with lemon slices. And (at least at the Myrtle Punch House) it is del-i-cious. One sips it genteelly from punch cups (which you may recall is not one of the 7 types of cups). Pinky tweak optional.

When combined with a bunch of très interesting people, it was a very fun (and trendy) evening.

Love, Mom