Dear Kid,

Friday night Dad and I went to the hippest event in Blue Ash: the Food Truck Fest.

The past two years, the Food Truck Fest has been down in Washington Park (not convenient). This year it moved to Summit Park in Blue Ash (extremely convenient).

I’m pretty sure they moved it just for us. And because Summit Park is awesome and can accommodate many more trucks.

If you weren't at Summit Park in Blue Ash for the Food Truck Fest, you missed a great event and a lot of YUM!

If you weren’t at Summit Park in Blue Ash for the Food Truck Fest, you missed a great event and a lot of YUM!

There were enough people so it felt incredibly well attended, yet not so many that it was hard to walk around. Most of the trucks had short lines for food, but the waits weren’t bad at all. We decided to walk the whole circle to check out all the different offerings—and there were a lot of different kinds of foods. Trucks specialized in everything from coffee to cupcakes, from pizza to pops, from beer to BBQ, from Cuban to Korean to waffles to wings to…well, you get the idea.

It was very difficult deciding where to eat because everything sniffed so good. We finally decided to eat at Urban Grill and let me just say YUM! Dad had a chicken something or other sandwich and I had a fantastic couscous bowl and we were pretty quiet while we ate because YUM! In some ways, this is awful, because it means that the next time we go to a gathering of food trucks we’ll want to eat at Urban Grill again; AND we’ll want to try other tasty things too. Decisions, decisions.

The weather was absolutely cooperative for our visit—it cooled down just enough to be nice while we walked around and the rain didn’t start until after we left. I really hope the In Charge Of Food Truck people bring this event back to Blue Ash next year. Or soon than next year.

Love, Mom