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December 13, 2003: Saddam Found in Spider Hole and Captured

Dear Kid,

Attack spider. DearKidLoveMom.comEleven years ago, international politics was not at the top of your list of interests. If memory serves, it was nowhere on your list of interests. Yet some things seem to stick in our communal memory no matter how old we are.

On December 13, 2003, the American military (go Team!) executed Operation Red Dawn which sounds like a movie title because the operation was named after the Patrick Swayze movie Red Dawn. [Extra points if you can name the best Patrick Swayze movie ever. There is a correct answer.]

Operation Red Dawn was conducted in the Iraqi town of ad-Dawr (near Tikrit) by the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division with Special Forces from Task Force 121—an elite and covert joint special operations team. They were assigned the mission of capturing or killing Saddam Hussein.

The team searched two sites based intelligence that Hussein was in the area. No Saddam. But being the kind of soldiers they are (namely American) they continued searching nearby suspicious looking spots and found Hussein in a “spider hole.”

A “spider hole” is military talk for a highly camouflaged, one-person foxhole which is generally shoulder deep. Spider holes are used as observation posts or (as in this case) hiding spots.

A military historian I’ve never heard of says the term spider hole was first used in the Civil War. However, according to William Safire (who knows pretty much everything about our American language) the term was first used during the Vietnam War where one of the characteristics of holes was a large clay pot big enough for a crouching man. The clay pot protected the person from spiders and snakes. Guess who I’m going to assume is correct?

This particular spider hole was pretty darn big (big enough for an evil terrorist to lie down at the bottom). Saddam (the evil terrorist) did not resist capture (apparently the sacrifice yourself for the cause thing was for Other People not him). Instead, El Brave-o presumably said, “I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, and I want to negotiate.”

I am quite sure my thoughts are by no means the rudest on the planet, but I’m quite sure they aren’t the kindest either.

Love, Mom

The Best Patrick Swayze move ever is Dirty Dancing. Duh.

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Training in Cincinnati and Fall Sports Awards

trains in Cincinnati are long and boring. DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

In Cincinnati, we have trains. Not cute, adorable, Little Engine That Could trains. We have 200+ car,  intermodal, might-as-well-put-your-car-in-park-and-turn-it-off-because-we’re-going-to-be-here-a-while, rolling stock type trains.

40% of world’s freight cargo is transported via trains. At any given time 50% of that will be on the train that is causing me to be late for something.

I had the great pleasure of getting stopped by two different trains at two different crossings on my way to a client yesterday. Fortunately, I had plenty of time so it wasn’t a big deal. But it was boring. I think they should paint the containers so that people stuck watching the trains might have some entertainment. I wonder who I need to talk to about that.

The total area of contact between train wheels and the rail is little larger than one silver dollar. This is the moral equivalent to a hippopotamus wearing spiky high heels. A more entertaining but possibly less stable image.

Last night was the football banquet (and by “banquet” I mean pizza and salad) and awards night. Pi got her first Varsity Letter and a certificate for being a GMC Scholar Athlete. She’s pretty pleased about both. I handed out pizza and managed to thoroughly embarrass Pi by picking on one of her friends. All in all the evening was a great success.

Trains usually have four braking systems and one propulsion system. That is because it is much harder to stop a train than to get one moving. (The opposite of a tired teenager.) According to one source, if they could figure out how to use a train’s braking system to propel the train, there would be enough energy there to put the train into orbit. Personally, I’m amazed some 12-year-old hasn’t figured out how to do that, launched a company, and become ridiculously wealthy through the IPO.

Extra points if you remembered that my favorite train musical is Starlight Express (that’s the one on rollerskates). The score will now be running through my head all day. There are worse things.

The train says “choo-choo!” The mom says “I love you. Have a good day.”

Love, Mom

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