Dear Kid,

Good news (according to me).

The Time of the Beard is over. Lumberjack Face is out and smooth shaven is in. Goodbye fuzzy face.

For anyone who needs up-to-date info on shaving, I am thoughtfully providing a link to Mashable’s guide to shaving.

I am a bearded dragon. I'm not going to shave no matter what the trend is. (Everyone else, go find your chin.) DearKidLoveMom.comSo everyone should go shave. Except for the Puppy who is going to retain his furriness.

And Santa who is exempt from facial hair trends.

And bearded dragons who don’t have real beards anyway.

Papa Smurf gets to keep his beard.

Bearded iris don’t have to shave.

Dumbledore—no shaving necessary.

Everyone else, go find your chin.

Love, Mom