Dear Kid,

March 20th is not for the faint of heart.

March 20th is for those who grab the world, hold on for dear life, and yell “Spin, baby, spin!”

Not only is it the First Day of Spring (Happy Vernal Equinox!), and not only is it International Earth Day (Happy Earth Day!), it is (wait for it) Extraterrestrial Abduction DAY!

Yes, it is a day to celebrate the possibility of being snatched by aliens of the intergalactic variety. It is a day to send messages back to the mothership saying you’re ready to Phone Home.

Just a few more minutes? DearKidLoveMom.comCombined it’s the Vernal Alien Earth Abduction Day. Which means you should really watch out for extraterrestrials scooping up the planet while grabbing some Reece’s Pieces.

Happy March 20th! (with luck, spring will get the message that it’s time to show up and ET will forget to snatch anyone you know).

Love, Mom