Erma Bombeck Resolutions DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

We’re winding down winter vacation and warming up to a balmy 38 degrees today. According to the weather forecasters (3% accuracy rating), we will warm up long enough for half the ice to melt off my car (conveniently, the backup camera will not be one of the spots that melts), then we’ll have rain. And snow. Probably a heat wave and dust storms following that.

Booker has joined the New Year’s Resolution Trend and asked begged insisted that we play fetch after our morning walk and before breakfast. Because he isn’t really a fetching sort of dog (he’s very good at the chase-it-down part and often replaces the bring-it-back part with chew-on-it-for-a-while), I’ve learned to rotate toys. Bring back the squeaky skunk and I’ll throw the limbless orange bear. Bring back the orange bear and I’ll throw the squeaky donut. Bring back the donut and I’ll throw the piece of cloth that used to be a dragon. All interspersed with the occasional tug-of-kill-it. As in, we each hold on to the toy and Booker shakes his head to kill it. I find that hilarious. Happy to report we have no live toys at the moment.

Usually, when we play before breakfast it is for a few minutes before his tummy calls an official time out for food. Today, in true New Year’s Resolution fashion, we kept playing and playing. I finally had to use the Power of Mom to end the game and move the morning along.

As I type, he is sleeping off the excessive bout of exercise.

In other news, I am having a problem with technology. Not really news. But this isn’t about getting the electric kettle to work or some other Truly Difficult Programming Problem. The problem is I like the really cool stuff when it is brand new, impossible to get, and crazy expensive. Like the new e-ink clocks. Don’t bother making a note to buy it for me once the price drops. By then I’ll have moved on to my latest techno-crush and have no interest. It’s a pattern I keep repeating. Frustrating to be sure, but unintentionally very good for my wallet as I never buy anything. By the time I can afford to purchase (fill in cool techno gizmo here), I’m either just plain not interested or it’s been replace by Gen2 Cool Techno Gizmo and I decide to wait for the next one.

Which means I am still writing with clay and a stylus. In the snow. Going uphill. For miles.

Love, Mom

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