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Not All Ideas Are Good | Curling Iron Scrambled Eggs

Dear Kid,

New ideas can be tricky.

Sometimes a new idea seems great from the very beginning.

Sometimes an idea starts out seeming like a bad idea but then turn out to be great once we get used to it.

Sometimes an idea starts out seeming to be a bad idea but then gets sufficiently refined to be a good idea.

Go ahead. Make curling iron scrambled eggs. I'll keep my hair straight today.

So it’s important to give new ideas a chance, to give them a chance to become more familiar, to give them time to grow on you.

But sometimes new ideas are just not good ideas, and if they grow on you at all it’s more like mold than anything you’d want to cut and put in a vase.

Case in point: the Curling Iron Scrambled Egg.

I like eggs. I like scrambled eggs (as long as they’re made with real eggs and don’t have weird stuff cooked into them). But there is really nothing good about scrambled eggs made with a curling iron except being able to say you did it. (Besides, it looks a little obscene.)

Making eggs with a curling iron doesn’t save time, money, or the all-important number of things to be washed. You still have to buy eggs, you still have to have a dish to mix the eggs in, you still have to open a drawer to find something to mix with, you still have to find a plate to eat on, AND you ruin your curling iron.


Why would someone think this is a good idea?

Cosmopolitan seemed to think it was a good enough idea to film it (here’s the link if you want to watch it yourself). I’m not sure why; I had the sound off for most of the video. But there’s a reason professional chefs don’t include “curling iron” among their kitchen must-haves: it’s dumb.

The only dumber idea I can think of at the moment is using curling iron to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ick.

Happy Breakfast.

Love, Mom

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Ordinary Sunday Recap

Dear Kid,

Can someone teach me how to make medium hard boiled eggs? DearKidLoveMom.comWell, the To Do is still staring me in the face and the elves haven’t shown up to help get any of the work done. One of these days I am going to find good, hardworking, loyal elves and I will have a clean house and finished tasks. Until then, I have a house and unfinished tasks.

Dad and I spent part of this morning cleaning in the kitchen. Yesterday, he and I went to a home remodeling show where we saw lots of things we like and pretty much nothing we can afford. Shocker, I know. We decided cleaning the kitchen would be an excellent place to start. We managed to get the center island clean and the dishes in the sink dealt with before we lost steam and interest.

The good news is that we lost steam and interest at about the same time so neither of us is annoyed with the other about not cleaning any more.

The bad news is that we lost steam and interest at about the same time so neither of us is still cleaning even though there is a great deal more to do.


I’m giving away a giant hug to anyone who can teach me how to make perfect medium boiled eggs—every time. I keep having the problem of the white sticking to the shell so that I end up with only half an egg. Life is tough.

Love, Mom

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History of Brunch and Why It’s Special

Dear Kid,

Once upon a time (my favorite way to start a story), there was no such thing as brunch. The first meal invented was dinner (although it was called Feed Me I’m Starving). Then Moms were invented and they unionized to create breakfast (known as It’s the Most Important Meal of the Day Now and Forever).

One day, however, Mrs. Joe Neanderthal decided she didn’t feel like making breakfast (The Most Important Meal of the Day). Not only did she not feel like cooking, there was nothing in the Neanderthal cupboard. No leftover sabretooth tiger, no soggy vegetables, and definitely no Fruit Loops for small Neanderthals to snack on.

Now, as I have mentioned, Mrs. Joe Neanderthal was one smart lady—especially for a Neanderthal.

Therefore, as all the little Neanderthals started clamoring for food (breakfast being the most important meal of the day), and Mrs. J. N. rolled over and pulled her fur blanket up around her ears, she grunted, “Brnch s bttr.”

Mrs. Joe Neanderthal wasn’t big on using vowels first thing in the morning.

Once she got up, Mrs. J invented a new meal, proving that “Brunch is better.”

The thing about brunch is that it’s not available most days. So when we have brunch, it’s something special.

Brunch is about the event as much as it’s about the food. It’s about taking time and savoring the meal (there is nothing rushed about brunch). It’s about who you’re dining with. It’s about friends or family (or both if you’re lucky).

But let’s be honest: brunch is also about the food.

Brunch food is luxuriously rich. It’s food you don’t make for breakfast because who has the time? Brunch is creamy eggy deliciousness and extravagant bagel toppings and extraordinary brunchy pastries. Brunch is mimosas and bloody marys. Brunch is seconds and thirds and even fourth helpings.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but I’m pretty sure brunch is the best meal of the month.

What’s your favorite brunch food?

Love, Mom

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If You Drop An Egg

Dear Kid,

If you drop one egg, you wouldn't throw the other 11 on the floor, would you? Don't let one slip up ruin your entire day. DearKidLoveMom.comIf you drop an egg, you wouldn’t throw the other 11 on the floor, would you?

Don’t let one slip up ruin your entire day.

And you wouldn’t let it prevent you from making an omelet.

Of course not.

You’d clean up the floor, add eggs to the grocery list, and make a great breakfast.

All too often however, I hear people say things like “I forgot to do “x”–the whole day is ruined.” Or “I ate a donut at breakfast, there’s no point in eating healthy the rest of the day.” Or “I didn’t make that phone call yesterday, so there’s no point in ….”

Wrong answer.

There are things in life that can’t be fixed, but not many. Making sure you have the right point of view is critical to moving on.

It’s pretty hard to put an egg back together or to use it to cook with after it’s landed with a splat on the floor (especially if the puppy gets there quickly). So if the goal is to hold that one, perfect egg, you’re in trouble.

But if the goal is to make breakfast, it’s pretty easy to come up with a zillion alternatives.

Find a way to reframe the problem so you really get what you want. I wise child of mine recently said, “You have to deal with the hand you’re dealt.” (Remind me to talk about gambling.)

Deal with the hand you’re dealt, make sure you know what you really want and don’t get caught up in the minutia, and thank you for cleaning up the mess on the floor.

Love, Mom

Thanks to SparkPeople for the inspiration!

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