Pi Day! DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

It’s Pi Day! Unlike Pi Approximation Day, this is the Real Deal. Especially if you happen to think about it at 1:59 because then it will be 3.14159. (Careful, don’t overexcite yourself.)

Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday which is excellent because without Albert E we wouldn’t have crazy Albert E wigs or know how to say E=MC2. Perhaps I’ll look up more about Al next year.

There will be many celebrations around the world for Pi Day, most of them organized by scientists and mathematicians. This is great news for students whose teachers decide to do away with the standard lesson and focus on Pi. Especially if they celebrate Pi with pie.

The second best idea I found for celebrating Pi Day (the first being: Eat Pie) is to create a human pi sculpture. It requires four people, two of whom hold the third horizontally. The fourth person is for taking a photo to send to your mother.

I found a lot of other ideas that I am not going to share with you because they would make you roll your eyes, and I don’t think you need any help with that. They are generally aimed at elementary school types. I didn’t find any fun Celebrating Pi Day at College Ideas (please let me know if you come across any as I will save them for next year).

It will probably stun you (and by “stun” I mean “bore you to pieces”) to know that I have no interesting plans for celebrating Pi Day. Except to say things like “Happy Pi Day” a lot. I’m hoping I don’t have to explain it too often. Explaining it will depress me.

But I will have a marvelous time dating all my emails π. Wonder how many people will think it’s a typo?

Have a fabulous π Day.

Call (or text) your sister.

Love, Mom