Dear Kid,

Today is National Pull Up Weeds Day. Actually, it isn’t, but that’s what Dad and I are going to spend a great deal of the day doing, so it might as well be. Since we are exceptional weed growers (no, not that kind of weed; the kind of weed that doesn’t belong where it’s growing), this will not be a one-and-done activity. Unfortunately.

Yesterday, the Puppy had a (very badly needed) bath. Following Dad’s rule of “At Least 12 Hours Before He Can Roll In Something Stinky”, he was confined to a leash with a person at the other end of it. Today he will be allowed to roam around and roll in the grass and have a marvelous time being a dog.

I have no doubt he will re-stink himself.

In other news, it might actually be Spring, although what with this being Southwest Ohio, I don’t want to overcommit.

The crocuses are up (yay), the hyacinth is up (yay), the tulips are having a cup of coffee and considering blooming (yay), and the weeds are rushing to be the first to take up residence (see Pulling Up Weeds).

The birds are starting to wear their spring finery. We have a blue jay who has been hanging out in the backyard busily expressing his views on Life; I’m not sure if I agree with everything he has to say, but his outfit is smashing.

The News from Home and Happy Easter DearKidLoveMom.comThe woodpeckers are out and pecking. Dad’s been busy watching them and identifying each specie. As long as they stick to trees and telephone poles that aren’t near our house, he thinks they are marvelous.

Our across the street neighbors are moving. No, not those ones, the ones to the right in The House That Can’t Keep Anyone More Than 5 Years. I believe new people move in sometime in April. Welcome to the neighborhood, new people.

Time to go pull on some gardening gloves and attack the invaders.

To all those celebrating, Happy Easter.

Love, Mom