Dear Kid,

Watch out world, I have energy!

After weeks of fighting off The Crud (the official name of the disease since the medical professionals assured me I did not have The Plague), I woke up today without the intense desire to go right back to sleep.

Forecast for today: Straightening up with a chance of Dusting. A really, really small chance, but a still a chance. DearKidLoveMom.comI have energy and there are Things To Be Done.

Not particularly interesting things, but things nonetheless.

The Puppy has wisely decided to take an Important Morning Nap far from the hustle and bustle (he made this decision once he figured out that food for him was not one of the Things To Be Done).

Have you ever had a day like this? Where you have the time and the energy to tackle projects that you’ve ignored for longer than you care to admit? (Like cleaning up your room, which is going to be labeled a Federal Disaster Area this spring if you don’t do something about it on your next trip home.)

I feel great.

Off to Accomplish Something.

Hope you’re feeling better, kiddo. Sleep, drink juice, slurp soup, and get well.

Love you kiddo.

Love, Mom