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What Really Happens at a CAbi Party | Perspective is Everything

Dear Kid,

As I believe I have mentioned once or twice, it’s all a matter of perspective.

For example, some people (you) might think it is fun to go out in the freezing cold and kick a ball through the uprights while many (11) large, muscular, bulked up type people try to prevent said kick. Some people (you) might think it is fun to stand on ice, balanced on razor thin blades, waiting to prevent a puck moving at light speed from getting into a net. Other people (me) might be happy to watch those things (especially if you are involved), but under no circumstances whatsoever would even consider participating.

Some people (me) might think shoe shopping is one of Life’s Pleasures while other people (you) might think shoe shopping is ok if you’re getting a new pair of sneakers but honestly how many high heels can one mom try on? (answer: a lot).

CAbi New friends at the party DearKidLoveMom.comI think, however, that I have found the Ultimate Example of this type of perspective.

Last night I went to a CAbi party. I had never attended one before—allow me to set the scene. Some hors d’oeuvres, some adult beverages, a dozen or so old middle age my age women (many of whom had never met before), and a boat load of clothes. Which were modeled by some of the attendees (the tall, skinny attendees) and discussed by Tammy, while we (all the attendees) studiously marked down the items we were interested in. After the modeling and the demonstrations, we got to try on the clothes.

It was awesome. Women of all shapes and sizes, laughing, throwing clothes everywhere, prancing around in our skivvies, trying on outfits to Figure Out the Right Size. (To be fair, no one really pranced.) I’d say a college age boy would probably not think that was a Grand Old Time, but I had lots of fun. I even bought a top (which will be delivered eventually and about which you will be kind enough to say something like “awesome top, mom”).CAbi party The clothes make the room

But as we were prancing (or not) it occurred to me that this was probably one of those moments aliens (and college boys, because in this case it’s close to the same thing) would never in a zillion years “get.” In fact, I would bet that many a college boy, walking in on such a scene, would mutter something about having to burn his eyes out (after grabbing some food and beverage) and hightail it for the nearest mancave and football game.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Love, Mom

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DMV, IRS, BART | It’s Initial Day

Initially Speaking DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

Monday was a bit of a disappointment for your sister. As I’m sure you have marked on your calendar, it was her half birthday. Which means she was old enough to take the test to get her learner’s permit. As luck would have it, my appointment rescheduled so I was free and on Mondays football is from 6pm – 8pm. So we had a window of time to scoot over to the DMV.

I zipped home, said hello to Booker who was 6 kinds of happy to see me in the middle of the afternoon, gathered the paperwork we would need to prove that she’s herself, and off we went, me driving, Pi studying.

Did she pass the test? No. Did she fail the test? No. Turns out that while the main part of the DMV is open on Mondays, the part where you take your “written” test is not.

Due to her football schedule, we won’t be able to go over there again until Friday.

In other news, the IRS is starting tax season late due to the government shutdown. I find it difficult to understand why something that has been on the books for years is so affected by a 16 day lock-out. Seriously? It’s going to take you three months to catch up??? However, in true IRS fashion, the filing date remains the same because who wants to miss a good birthday celebration? (Yes, as a reminder, my birthday is April 15th. But you knew that.)

Opting to follow our government leaders (ha) and go back to work, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART to those in the know) is running again after an agreement was reached with union leaders.

Hope all the initials in your day are good ones.

Love, Mom

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