Dear Kid,

Do you know how hard it is to type a post while you’re driving? To be clear, I’m not driving Dad is, but it’s still darn difficult. Made even more difficult because I’m typing on my phone (thank heavens for autocorrect) which is a great deal completely unlike working on a regular keyboard.

All in all, not the smoothest thing I’ve ever done.

We are driving to East Boofoo ( or more accurately South Boofoo) for today’s football game. And by “Boofoo” I mean spotty internet service.

Dad is reading signs as we go. “Sycamore Place…Ivy Pond…Burgers…Big Sale”. Not sure why he enjoys sign reading so much, nor do I know why he reads them out, but he does and he does.

The good news is it’s a beautiful day–at least at the moment. The clouds haven’t begun to unload their burden–at least at the moment–and the sun (at least at the moment) hasn’t gotten fierce.

(20 minutes later)

Ah, what a difference a mere 20 minutes can make. As I got out of the car Dad reminded me to take a jacket because a cold front was coming in. I listened to Dad and took the jacket. The weather did not listen to Dad. The sun came out just in time for the game and I put on SPF 25000 just in time for the sun. The we huddled underneath an umbrella for shade. I don’t think I got fried, but perhaps lightly toasted.

The team got thoroughly toasted so we won’t talk about that at all.

Have a great day kiddo.

Love, Mom