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The Best Time for Donuts

Dear Kid,

There is really no such thing as a bad time for a donut. Because donuts are pretty darn good.

There is a Great Debate about whether the cakey donuts are better than the fluffy donuts (or vice versa). There is also a rather significant controversy over frosted versus powdered versus plain.

I say don’t discriminate. Eat ‘em all.

Halloween decorated donut. Because fall is a great time for donuts. DearKidLoveMom.comThere are some people who believe donuts are only supposed to be eaten in the morning. These Breakfast Only Theorists are – imho – rather shortsighted. The folks at Tom + Chee are famous for their grilled cheese donut (packed with enough Yum and calories to last a week).

This time of year seems especially perfect for donut eating. Not only can you enjoy the traditional (year round) donuts and coffee, you can have donuts and cider which just screams “happy fall.” You can have traditional (year round) donut flavors but you can also choose from pumpkin donuts and Halloween decorated donuts.

Another wonderful thing about donuts is that they are an affordable luxury. You get change when you take a $5 bill to buy donuts (try that at Chipotle—I think not).

I’m not advocating a steady diet of donuts (I think I went into sugar shock just thinking those words), but as a fall treat, donuts are hard to top.

Love, Mom

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Lunch at Tom + Chee and Where to Buy Clothes Afterward

Dear Kid,

Yesterday, Pi and I went to Tom + Chee for lunch. We’ve been talking about going for about a year, and events finally conspired to give us the opportunity to go. (By “events finally conspired” I mean we finally found a moment when we both had time. Simultaneously. At the same time. Together.)

Tom + Chee (as you probably already know) was founded by two guys (not the two guys with a truck—a different two guys), their wives, and a tent. They opened on Fountain Square downtown serving tomato soup (Tom) and grilled cheese (Chee).

The food was fab, the guys opened a brick and mortar restaurant, then they went on Shark Tank and have been growing like crazy ever since.

I had the salad with grilled cheese croutons. Which is a salad (with unfortunately aged mushrooms) garnished with a cut up grilled cheese sandwich.

Salad with grilled cheese croutons at Tom + Chee. DearKidLoveMom

Pi had the traditional grilled cheese and a “dipper” soup (enough soup to dip her GC in). Much yumminess.

Classic Grilled Cheese with tomato soup for dipping at Tom + Chee.

Since Tom + Chee is especially well known for their grilled cheese donuts, we decided to try one. Ours had caramelized bananas and smoked gouda. And it was awesome. I had one bite and gained 16 pounds. On top of the 800 pounds I had gained eating the grilled cheese sandwich. Which basically means I am going to have to see Omar the Tentmaker about making me a dress for next week.

Grilled Cheese Donut with Bananas and Gouda at Tom + Chee. DearKidLoveMom.comDear Ki

Love, Mom

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