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Have You Heard About This Thing?

Dear Kid,

Have you heard about the IO Hawk?

Just imagine a Segway and a skateboard had a baby. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the mechanics involved; just assume the whole thing happened in a laboratory (since that probably is where it happened) or like a baby in a Disney movie (quick shot of the prince and princess getting married; cut to One Year Later with a beautiful baby and the Happy Couple looking well rested and not having gained an ounce. Disney babies. Not real life.).

The IO Hawk is a Segway without handle bars. You can’t go very fast (top speed 6 miles per hour) or very far (about 10 miles on a three hour charge), but you will look très super cool tooling around on this thing.

Here is a link to the VBV (Very Boring Video) which shows what this thing actually is. Don’t bother turning on your sound—it’s just background music.

So if you happen to have an extra $1,800 (plus tax and shipping) sitting around (just so we’re clear: you don’t) you can own an IO Hawk.

Now you know.

Love, Mom

P.S. Sorry for the late posting. It’s been That Sort of a Weekend…

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EPCOT, Rain, Hats, and a Whole LOT of Food

Dear Kid Mickey,

Thank you for a lovely day at EPCOT. We had several skeptics in our family, all of whom were converted to fans by the end of the day.

Hats at EPCOT DearKidLoveMom.comOf course, we ate our way from one end of the world to the other. We enjoyed Bouche de Noel, grapefruit beer, apple strudel, chocolate mousse (not to be confused with you, oh Round Eared One), crepes, many choices of Chinese food, gelato, and probably more that I’ve forgotten. Yes, a bit heavy on the dessert side, but we made up for it at dinner at the Nine Dragons. It’s not obvious that the 900 miles we walked will be sufficient to burn off the calories. It’s not obvious that dieting for the next 30 months will be sufficient, but it was all really good. Especially the mousse. Yum!

Two little maids, I mean, Three little...? DearKidLoveMom.comThe night-ending Illumination was spectacular. As The Kid said, “They really figured out how to use the smoke from the fireworks to their best advantage.” Tal said it was the best fireworks and light display she’s ever seen. I’m rather inclined to agree.

Somehow we managed to avoid the worst of the rain (so clever of us, don’t you think?) by being at dinner during what we were assured by other guests was an absolute deluge and then running between a few raindrops for the rest of the evening. Thanks for turning off the rain during the Illumination, because I’m not sure I’d have been happy to stand and watch it during a monsoon, and it was definitely worth staying for.

We didn’t get to see Figment during our visit; please tell him we said hi.

FACT: It is true that teenagers can go an entire day without TV during vacation.

UNPROVEN: We have not yet established that teenagers can go an entire day without their cell phones, although they were judicious in their use of their communication devices.

My Favorite EPCOT Characters DearKidLoveMom.comAgain, thanks for inviting us to come and visit. We had a great time and hope you’ll visit us in a Ohio soon.

Love, Mom

Dear Kid,

Thanks for your help planning an outstanding field trip.

Love, Mom

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