Dear Kid,

It's always coffee time. DearKidLoveMom.comI love the Huffington Post. They generally have all kinds of great stuff—interesting, well-written, factual, fun.

But the latest article about coffee (click here to read it) is just plain crazy talk.

Not all of the article is absurd. Some of it is spot on. For example, it says that a cup of coffee at Stbx (Starbucks for the uninitiated) is about double that of a cup of coffee from Dunkin’. I’ve said for years that Starbucks decaf has more caffeine than most regular cups of coffee, so I know they’re right.

The problem is that the article starts off by saying that one is not supposed to have coffee first thing in the morning. Says your aunt in Cleveland, “I started twitching when I read that…”

Well, yeah.

The article says you should wait until about 10am to have coffee because that’s when your cortisol levels start to dip.

Cortisol shmortizol. That only makes sense if you sleep until 10am or so.

I know there are people who don’t need coffee first thing in the morning (looking at you SLB).

I know I certainly don’t need coffee right away. (HA!) It’s a choice. A lifestyle choice. I could happily wait until at least 10 minutes after falling out of bed for my coffee.


Don’t Mess With The Caffeine Addiction!

Love, Mom