Dear Kid,

You in my head (YIMH): You didn’t post anything today
Me: mrrrffphr
YIMH: Mom, this is a DAILY blog. That involves posting daily
Me: mmmrrrrphrrrr… coffee….
YIMH: Hello? Mother? Are you paying attention? It’s mid-afternoon
Me: I just woke up
YIMH: You slept even later than I did?
Me: Apparently so
YIMH: Parents aren’t supposed to sleep that late
Me: There’s a rule?
YIMH: It’s just Supposed to Be That Way
Me: Yeah no. Parents are allowed to sleep whenever they can
YIMH: So why did you sleep so late?
Me: I was tired?
YIMH: Parents don’t GET tired
Me: Now you’re just being ridiculous
YIMH: I love you, Mom
Me: Love you too, kiddo
YIMH: Do better tomorrow
Me: I’ll certainly try

Love, Mom