Dear Kid,

On the list of my top 100 Favorite Things in Life, car shopping is negative 4 billion. Maybe not even quite that high.

About a week ago, Dad’s car started smoking. Not the nicotine habit kind of smoking, but the I’m-out-of-radiator-fluid kind of smoking. Since the car is about 6 zillion years old with about that many miles on it, we decided it was time to replace rather than repair.

Dad went car shopping.

Then he wanted me to go with him for a final test drive.

Then we started talking to the car selling people.

I started to document the process, but I bored myself to sleep, so I stopped. You’re welcome.

Last night we drove the fire-breathing red car up to the dealership where we exchanged it for a new red car which does not belch smoke.

Dad has a new car.Dad's new car. except in red.

You should probably send him a congratulatory text.

Love, Mom