Dear Kid,

This year, the back-to-school season seems to have come in not with its usual fanfare and majesty but rather with a pounce. One day it was summer, now it’s back to school. Yark!

It’s not like it’s a total surprise. The back-to-school circulars in the Sunday paper provided a hint, many of your friends have been back on campus for a week or more, and we’ve paid your tuition (oh joy of joys).

Maybe it’s that there are no big Firsts this year. College? Pshaw, been there. Dorm move in? Nailed it last year (twice), no reason to think we can’t do it again. Collection of school supplies? Not all that much to purchase this year beyond some notebooks and enough food for a small squadron (remind me again why you’re on the food plan?). Maybe it’s the ubiquitous ALS ice bucket challenge. (Yeah, yeah, Ninja, I know. I haven’t posted the video or written the blog, but it will happen, I promise.) Maybe it’s that we’ve been distracted by your charming self. Maybe it’s that I didn’t write a 9-part series on going to college.

Whatever it is, back-to-school seems to have snuck up rather quickly and unexpectedly.

The car is loaded, coffee is made, puppy is walked, and we’re off to begin The College Years–Part II.

Have a great year, baby.

Love, Mom