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John Stewart and the Unmitigated Catastrophe

Dear Kid,

Are you aware that we are in the midst of a catastrophe of epic proportions? Something so momentous it is almost as important as the great chocolate shortage?

He Did WHAT??

John Stewart announced he is leaving the Daily Show.

It is possible the earth will continue on its axis. It’s also possible that you’ll do all your laundry before coming home for spring break or that I’ll go twelve months without buying a new pair of shoes, but it seems unlikely.

Personally, I’m taking to bed with a hot water bottle to wait until the dizziness passes. Or until they announce a suitable replacement. Or until I have to leave for work.

Love, Mom

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Pumpkin Muffins, Comedy, and Things Not To Buy. Ever.

Dear Kid,

I officially re-declare Thanksgiving week open. Refortified with ingredients, I spent the last two hours making pumpkin muffins (don’t forget to give some to your chauffeur when you come home from college).
Mom's Famous Pumpkin Muffins
Yesterday, Daddy and I went to see The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. It was not quite as good as The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) because it is darn hard to top the history plays as a football game, but it was very funny.

Twinkie Maker: Things You Don't Have to Buy For Me. Ever. DearKidLoveMom.comIt is crazy cold here (your grandparents would probably refer to it as a trifle chilly). Dad went outside to do some yard work and Booker was begging to come back in where the heat is after only 5 minutes or so. He is now huddled over the heater vent, eyes mostly closed, basking in the warmth. I’m pretty sure he’d purr if he had the right equipment.

Because I am a Helpful Sort of Mom, I am making a list of Things You Don’t Have to Buy For Me. Ever. The first item on the list is Hostess’s Twinkie Maker (also available is a Hostess Cup Cake Maker which I equally don’t want). Available for you not to purchase at Kroger and other fine establishments. Seriously, how do they think of these things? And who has room to store such items? Don’t answer. I don’t think I really want to know.

Counting the days until you’re home.

Love, Mom

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