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Since When Are Coffee Mugs Dangerous? (Since Now)

Dear Kid,

More than once, I have commented on the permanency and dangers of the internet (seriously – not erasable – no do-overs!).

More than once, I have commented on the joys and importance of coffee (seriously – pre-coffee conversation is risky at best).

Never before however have I felt the need to expose the steamy underside of the coffee world. (Get it? Steamy?)

The coffee cup world to be more precise.

Last night, I went to a meetup. It was the fabulous Cincinnati blogger meetup (yes, I’m a Geek). We gather about once a month to marvel over the joys of bloggership and learn fantastic geeky new tricks that mostly we never use.

Susan, our Hostess with the Mostest, provides snacks and beverages (adult and otherwise). Yay, Susan!

The phrase “Hostess with the Mostest” is originally from the show Call Me Madam and may (or may not) refer to Perle Mesta.

“Might there still be coffee in that carafe?” I asked, pointing.

“Possibly,” she said making a face, “but I doubt it’s still hot. You can microwave it.” And then, “the mugs are in the cabinet over your head…no, to the right…there you go. Just grab one.”

So I did and filled said mug.

The coffee was (surprisingly) warm and I drank it (unsurprisingly) happily.

Meet the harmless coffee cup.

After a minute, Susan looked over and started to giggle.

I was pretty sure I hadn’t (yet) spilled coffee on myself so I looked up questioningly.

“Um, I hate to tell you,” she said, “but there’s something on the bottom of your cup.”

“Huh?” I asked insightfully thinking to myself ‘I’m pretty sure I haven’t put the mug down in the cake frosting (yet).’

I lifted the mug to look.

Did I say Harmless? Not from this angle...


I’m having a moment.

Love, Mom

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National Sleeping Day | Really. And I’m Going to Take a Nap Now

Dear Kid,

It’s National Napping Day!

Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

OK, it’s not. It’s Fatigue Syndrome Day.

Not Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is a real and significant disorder and should be treated by medical professionals.

Just Fatigue.

As in, eyelids shut. As in, head nodding during class. As in, I’ve been staring at the screen long enough and it is time for some zzzzz.

Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep. ~Fran Lebowitz

That about sums it up, doesn't it? What I learned about Bulletproof coffee. DearKidLoveMom.It’s not easy getting enough sleep when you’re in college.

Heck, it’s not easy getting enough sleep when you’re not in college. (My wonderful purple Fitbit is kind enough to remind me daily.)

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. ~Leo J. Burke

According to My Friend the Internet, there is a good bit of evidence showing that we don’t know how to sleep correctly. Which is weird since it’s one of those things we’ve been doing since birth.

Consciousness: that annoying time between naps. ~Author unknown

Turns out that we were better at sleeping before electricity interrupted things.

B.E. (before electricity), people would go to sleep shortly after sundown for their first sleep. They’d get up for a while in the middle of the night (probably to check the chickens) and then settle down for their second sleep.

Unless they lived some place hot, in which case they only tossed and turned in the heat and then took a long siesta to make up for the lack of sleep.

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation. ~Author Unknown

For those of us that are required to jump leap slither out of bed each morning in order to go to work, caffeine is a friend. An important friend. An enabler.

Happy Good Morning.

The best cure for insomnia is a Monday morning. ~Author Unknown

I don’t know what that makes Thursday morning. We can talk about it after my nap.

Love, Mom

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On the Plus Side, There Was a Really Good Reason to Clean the Counters

Dear Kid,

It’s April 30th.

Which means it’s National Hairstyle Appreciation Day. And National Honesty Day. And rainy and humid.

Which means if we’re really going to “honor” today, we’d have to go around telling people how much we love their horrible hairdo.

On the plus side, there was a really good reason to clean the counters. DearKidLoveMom.comPersonally, I suggest skipping the talking and moving straight to the balloons and cookies.

There are balloons and cookies aren’t there?

If you’re feeling excessively festive, we can throw in a quick salute to National Karaoke Week and National Welder’s Month.

In other celebratory news, do you know what happens when you overfill the single-serve coffee maker? Yep. You have the wonderful opportunity of cleaning up the kitchen counter. In completely unrelated news, our kitchen counters are looking exceptionally clean at the moment.

Have a great day, kiddo. Try to stay dry in all the rain and drizzle and try not to give yourself unplanned reasons to clean.

Love, Mom

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Shakespeare, Biting Your Thumb, and Coffee

Dear Kid,

Shakespeare, Biting Your Thumb, and Coffee. DearKidLoveMom.comSo there we were, sitting at the table last night when you leaned over to whisper in my ear about biting your thumb at whatever was going on.

This was Most Excellent for a number of reasons.

First (and most importantly) it meant that you were close enough to whisper in my ear, which means YOU’RE HOME! This is a Wonderful State of the World.

Secondly, it meant that you remember some Shakespeare which means you are Retaining Education! This is much more impressive and much more difficult than retaining water. Or being a retaining wall. But generally less lucrative than being on retainer and possibly more comfortable than wearing a retainer.

Gotta love those four cups of wine (thank you JJ for bringing the wine) and writing at 1am.

Although you’re a college student. Writing at 1am is pretty much required when you’re in school, isn’t it?

The point I am wandering around (for 40 years in very dry writing) to make is: We are delighted you’re home for the weekend


Coincidentally, today is the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Google even doodled about it.

Coffee. I need more coffee.

Love, Mom

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Bulletproof Coffee | What I Learned

Dear Kid,

Not everything on the internet is true.

(Shocking, I know. Take a minute to compose yourself if you need to.)

Sometimes there is even conflicting information on the internet. (I’ll wait while you get a cool cloth and lie down for a few moments.)

That about sums it up, doesn't it? What I learned about Bulletproof coffee. DearKidLoveMom.Let’s take a random example that I just learned about: Bulletproof coffee.

Last week I met a woman who drinks Bulletproof coffee. Well, technically, I’d met her before last week, but it was last week that I found out she drinks Bulletproof coffee. Well, technically, I learned that she drinks coffee with Irish butter made with milk from grass-fed cows. Which I now know is called Bulletproof coffee.

So last week I heard about this for the first time. And a few nights ago I learned that it’s called Bulletproof coffee. And a chiropractor told me that adding butter or coconut oil to coffee is excellent for feeding one’s brain.

I like the idea of brain food. I like the idea of black coffee. I like the idea of investigating things by consulting My Friend the Internet.

It turns out the idea of Bulletproof coffee was invented introduced named by a dude who has done an exceptional job of marketing a recipe. Whether Bulletproof coffee provides incredible brain boosts, stems hunger, and creates unicorns that poop rainbows is still up for debate.

But since I live for science (stop laughing) I decided to do some experimentation to see what I could learn. (Seriously, stop laughing. When “experimentation” = “drink coffee” I’m all in.)

I did not purchase the ridiculous expensive upgraded coffee that the Bulletproof coffee website promotes because A) expensive and B) I didn’t have time to wait for it to ship. So I used my happy K-Cup in my happy coffee maker. Which I’m sure completely invalidates the science of it, but there you go. I’m a mom, not a scientist, so what do I care? I also did not purchase the medium-chain oil (please don’t ask me what that is exactly because I didn’t research that far), nor did I whip the whole thing together in the blender, because First Thing In The Morning. Perhaps I made faux bulletproof coffee. Bullet-resistant coffee?

Day 1 I made coffee and put coconut oil into it. It tasted like coffee. With a very vague hint of coconut but not really.

A few hours later it occurred to me that I should probably not be conducting experiments that involve analyzing the first cup of coffee of the day because I’m barely awake at that point.

Day 2 I made coffee and put Irish butter into it. Tasty, not at all unpleasant, but the butter took my lipstick off. Not the end of the world, but not a beauty booster.

The butter coffee was my second cup of coffee of the day, so I was awake enough to actually taste it.

My conclusion (because experiments, if I recall correctly) are supposed to have conclusions): Bulletproof coffee tastes fine, possibly even better than fine. I did not experience the euphoria the website promised, nor was I free from all hunger and cravings for the next many hours. (Minutes, yes. Hours, no.)

Would I again try bulletproof coffee? Sure. If I can figure out how to do it without calories. And figure out the whole unicorn thing.

Love, Mom

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