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WHAT Time Is It? (Clocks and Other Coffee Considerations)

Dear Kid,

Tick Tock. (I hate that we don't have a clock in the study. Here's the story...) DearKidLoveMom.comI hate that there is no clock in the study. It seems like not having a clock would be calm and soothing. It’s not. It makes me want to jump up and run around the house looking for a clock. Except for the jumping up and running around part.

There used to be clocks in here. One used to hang on the wall (it was purple). It died. I’m not sure if it died from not having its battery replaced or because its TICK was louder than an active volcano (loud tics and Dad sleeping are not compatible). I suspect clock murder, but I’ve never pursued the investigation.

I had a clock that I won as an award in here. I took it to work. Then I brought it home. I’m not sure where it’s living at the moment…

My computer has a clock. Pi is currently using the computer to Do School Work. I won’t interrupt school work for a time check.

My phone has a clock. It’s in the kitchen which is 3.7 miles away (in terms of effort).

The puppy has a clock but it only works at breakfast time and dinner time. While he’s incredibly accurate at those times, his clock is incredibly unhelpful in between.

There are windows in the study. I know it’s daytime. For me (at this particular moment), that’s is insufficiently specific. And we don’t have a sundial in here.

Sundial. Used for telling time when you have sun but don't have a watch, electricity, or a handy clock.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure it’s time for another cup of coffee.

Love, Mom

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It’s Time to Wake Up! Clocks and Other Tick Tocks

Dear Kid,

Once upon a time, there weren’t any alarm clocks. In fact, there weren’t any clocks.

When Mrs. Joe Neanderthal thought Joe should get up, she banged him over the head with his club. Since there weren’t any clocks, Joe couldn’t even say, “It’s only 5 am!” and go back to sleep. Which was OK since A) Mrs. J. N. was not the type to put up with whining and B) Joe couldn’t count.

Wake Up! The History of Alarm Clocks. DearKidLoveMom.comThen along came School and Start Times and alarm clocks had to be invented.

The first clocks were used by the ancient Greeks and were made from water falling through gears and levers. This is the origin of the popular phrase: I’m sorry I’m late, there was a drought.

Sundials were an improvement since they weren’t affected by an occasional drought or deluge, but cloud cover (and night) put a damper on time-telling. Which is why bacchanalia tended to last all night (no one could say “I have to be home by 3am” since no one knew when 3am was).

The first mechanical-type clock was during medieval times (the era, not the dinner theater). Clocks told the bell-ringers to ring the bells and the bells told the people to get to church.

Finally in 1787, Levi Hutchins in Concord, NH, invented the first American alarm clock. Why we didn’t just copy the European alarm clock I have no idea. But Levi wanted to get up on time (which for him meant 4am. This ridiculous hour has caused alarm-clock rage through subsequent ages.).

Isn’t it great getting up really early on a non-school day?

Love, Mom

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