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You Are NOT Going to Believe This About November

Dear Kid,

Happy November!

I hope you remembered to reset your clock—that is if you have to be somewhere. I prefer to save my hour until later in the day. I generally use my extra hour in the afternoon. I love having that surprise extra time to use exactly as I please. Perhaps a nap. Perhaps a trip to the gym. Perhaps a nap at the gym. Whatever; it’s my extra hour.

November is full of crazy holidays. I envy the person who got to invent these. It seems like a job almost as good as the job inventing colors of nail polish.

November holidays include National Model Railroad Month, National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and International Drum Month.

There are LOTS of ways to celebrate National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Seriously, who thinks of these?

Tomorrow (November 2) is a perfect example of the craziness. It’s Deviled Egg Day, Look for Circles Day, and Plan Your Epitaph Day.

I don’t plan to celebrate any of them.

Well, maybe Look for Circles Day. I think that might be fun.

If nothing else, it might be a good excuse to wander outside for a few minutes.

On the other hand, I think National Peanut Butter Lovers Month seems like a worthwhile celebration. Although it might re-spark the Chunky versus Smooth Controversy.

Where do you stand on the Great Peanut Butter Debate?

Love, Mom


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Oops! And Farewell to 2015

Dear Kid,

First things first. Turns out that Clemson trounced Oklahoma University the other night. My apologies.

Tomorrow is the first of January (you knew that, but I needed a transition).

Many people focus on resolutions for the new year. They make promises to themselves for all sorts of things (and by “all sorts of things” I mean weight loss, new job, working out more, etc.).

Those resolutions generally last somewhere up to 6 days, 8 hours, and 49 minutes.

Yet we (and by “we” I mean most of us) make resolutions, knowing we are unlikely to keep them.

The Japanese have a different approach.

The new year is a very important holiday in Japan. Rather than focusing on resolutions, the Japanese hold “Bonenekai” or “forget-the-year-party” to say goodbye to the problems and troubles of the past year and prepare for a new beginning.

Happy New Year!! DearKidLoveMom.comRather than making promises for the future, they release the old and make room for the new. By opening themselves up to the possibilities of the new year, they create room for whatever comes their way.

It’s a very different way of looking at things.

It’s one I think I’m going to try this year.

Goodbye 2014—it’s been nice knowing you.

Hello 2015—I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.

Happy New Year, kiddo!

Love, Mom

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