Dear Kid,

Have you seen the commercial for neutering cats? It’s by (as in one more than nine lives).

From their website: Hip spectacles. No testicles. Meet Scooter, the suave neutered cat every Tom wants to be.  He’s playfully catty. And when it comes to being gonad-free, he’s the debonair cat-in-the-know. Hear his take on going sans testes, share his wisdom with friends and sign the pledge to be gonad-free.

Here’s the commercial (you’ll love this, I promise).

And here’s the second one which is even better

See? Great commercials, great cause, Great Scott!

There is an overwhelming lack of clarity around the term Great Scott! The most important thing to know is that (at least for the moment) it is a perfectly acceptable alternative to “holy @#$%!” The phrase probably doesn’t refer to those of the kilt-wearing variety, but rather to General Winfield Scott of the US Army (think Mexican War and early Civil War times).

Now you know.

Love, Mom