Dear Kid,

Puppy: I think I will be a cat today
Me: How does that work?
Puppy: I will jump on high things and stare at you
Me: You may stare as much as you like. But there will be no jumping on high things
Puppy: But I have to. I’m a cat!
Me: No jumping
Puppy: Meow


Puppy: I am a cat
Me: Okaaay
Puppy: Cats order people around
Me: They certainly try
Puppy: Bring me treats!
Me: Small problem
Puppy: Problem? What kind of problem? I can help, I’m a good boy. I mean, Fix It! And Bring Treats!
Me: We don’t have any cat treats
Puppy: That’s ok. I want puppy treats
Me: No, cats get cat treats and puppies get puppy treat
Puppy: But I like puppy treats
Me: I thought you were a cat?
Puppy: I may have to re-think this

Puppy: I am being a cat today
Me: Are you enjoying being a cat?
Puppy: So far, it feels like being a dog
Me: I can see where that might be confusing

Puppy: When is dinner?
Me: I don’t think you understand about cats
Puppy: What do you mean?
Me: Cats often don’t eat their dinner
Puppy: What?
Me: They decide not to eat.
Puppy: But, doesn’t their tummy tell them to eat? My tummy always tells me to eat
Me: It’s a cat thing
Puppy: Being a cat was a much better idea in my head

Puppy: Mom?
Me: Yes, sweetie?
Puppy: Do I have to wear a hat if I’m a cat?
Me: Do your cat friends wear hats?
Puppy: No, but what if they aren’t doing it right?
Me: I’m pretty sure the cats know how to be cats
Puppy: Without hats?
Me: I’m sure Dr. Seuss will be ok if you don’t wear a hat

Love, Mom

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