Dear Kid,

steering-wheelWe’re driving along, heading south on a rainy, rainy day. The rain has been quite cooperative, stopping when we stop, starting up once we’re in the car—which is good because the umbrellas are packed so cleverly they are completely inaccessible.

Dear Burglars—Just kidding. We’re home. This is just a dream. Besides Vicious Dog is home waiting to attack.

We dropped Booker off at Camp Beth and John last night. He immediately set about housekeeping duties, sniffing out every last crumb he could find. We (the human adults) were happily chatting when someone said, “Where’s Booker?” We looked around, no small, furry beast. “Is he eating the cat’s food?” asked John, the Tall Counselor. Sure ‘nuff, that eternally hungry dog had gone down to the basement to relieve the cat of food eating responsibilities. The cat—being a cat—looked completely indifferent. Beth, the Not Quite as Tall Camp Counselor, laughed which is one of the reasons Booker luuuuuuvs her.

Anyway, he is happily shedding all over someone else’s house at the moment.

We are happily in the warmth of the south having driven approximately 9,876,482 miles in the last two days.

Hope you’re enjoying the warm too.

Love, Mom