Not the best definition of well balanced mealDear Kid,

Mashable has clearly been channeling the Back To College meme and two of their recent articles highlight the whole Back To College Tech side. 25 Apps You’ll Need to Survive College (some pretty interesting looking, some not so much) and 10 Gadgets College Students Don’t Need (darn accurate—my fav was their [joking] reference to a lithium battery-powered hole puncher).

I thought I would issue my own list of Five Good Important Critical Apps for College Students (too bad they don’t exist yet).

  1. Meal Plan Reminder App. Meal plans are often confusing with limited hours and expiring meals. This app reminds you when you are running up against a food-related deadline. It also tells you which cafeteria has decent fruit and when the pasta has been sitting out a little too long.
  2. Would You Tell App. Runs on the 13/G Rule. Screens posts to the internet and alerts you if there is something you are about to post that you might not want to share with your 13-year-old sister or your grandmother.
  3. Whether App. Nope, not related to rain. Working from a combination of predicting the future and analyzing the amount of studying you’ve done recently, this app tells you whether it is a good idea to go out with friends or whether you should stay in and study some more.
  4. Breathe App. College can be overwhelming. There are days when non-college life can be overwhelming too, come to think of it. This app reminds you to take a deep breath and refocus. If you need help, ask for it. If you need a nap, take it. If you need a snack, eat it.
  5. Call The People Paying for Your Education App. Chances are the people signing the checks for your education think you’re pretty awesome. Chances are also pretty good that these same people would love to hear your voice every now and then. This app reminds you to use your cell as a talking device every once in a while. You can set the timeframe parameters to accommodate your individual preferences. Clever moms can override your settings.

As soon as these brilliant apps are available for purchase in the Apple Store, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, beware of aging pasta and call every now and then.

Love, Mom