Dear Kid,

Being as how you are All About The Food (‘bout the food), I thought you might be interested in hearing about The Next Food Network Star.

Lots of food, lots of tears, lots of challenges, blah, blah, food. Some interesting people, some not so much. Some interesting in the wrong sort of interesting way.

Last week Giada and Bobby had made a decision about who to eliminate from the competition. Then at the very last moment, Giada changed her mind and sent home someone else.

Why? So glad you asked.

The person she sent home was Twit Boy (my name for him). And Twit Boy had the lack of sense to act like a twit in front of Giada during the elimination.

We the audience had the benefit of seeing a bunch of other twit-times. And we applauded Giada for deciding not to put up with him any longer.

Yes, The Next Food Network Star is a competition. Yes, some people thing that being obnoxious is “good TV”. (For the record, I am not one of those people.) But this is a competition to be on TV! Obnoxious is not the trait the Food Network is going for. Yeesh.

The Food Network is about collaboration, experience, joy, and food. Except for Cut Throat Kitchen, and even that is fun-ish.

Last night, the challenge was up and coming food trends. Apparently in the not too distant future, we’re going to be eating raw, stinky, slimy, burnt, and/or incendiary food. Or should I say restaurants will be serving that type of food. Because the only things that appeal to me are raw (which I can probably make myself: oh, look! Food I haven’t cooked!) or burnt (yes, I like charred food and always have).

The chef contestants were divided into teams to cook. Who won? Neither.

Wait, what?

Yes, Bobby says neither team hit a home run and therefore neither team has a golden ticket to stay another week.

The cooks were judged individually and someone was sent home, but we didn’t really care all that much.

Love, Mom