Dear Kid,

As you know, I am a huge believer in keeping an open mind. I am also a huge believer in desserts. Combining the two (having an open mind about dessert options) is a sort of nirvana-like experience for me.

Since I forgot to take a photo of the key lime tarts (with blueberry compote) and the Buckeye dessert thing, I turned to My Friend the Internet. Where I found lots of pictures of exactly what dessert didn't look like. Fortunately, you have a wonderful imagination. For the record: YUM! DearKidLoveMom.comLast night I took Pi and her future roomie out for dessert. That’s not quite right. It was Pi and it was her future roomie and it most assuredly was dessert, but we didn’t really go out. Except sort of.

We’re in Columbus for the DECA competition (Pi and future roomie are competing; I am—wait for it—one of the judges). I told the girls I would take them out for dessert because I couldn’t get to Columbus in time for dinner.

Note to burglars: The vicious attack puppy is still home. The responsible and fully-armed teenager watching him is there too. The police have been notified to keep an eye on the house but not to arrest the puppy or the teen. The neighbors are staking out the place in rotating shifts. The cricket has been trained to dial 911 at the merest indication that all is not as it should be. Did I mention the trip-wire?

The girls had various meetings about their various events, and (while we were waiting for Pi) Future Roomie and I braced Doug the Bartender and inquired about dessert options.

Doug the B was quite helpful about the (few) alternatives in the area and casually mentioned that the hotel served dessert. He even had a menu. Future Roomie and I pounced. By the time Pi reappeared, we’d decided to order a Buckeye desserty thing, a key lime tart (with blueberry compote), and a cup of coffee all of which we then took back to my room to share.

Except for the coffee which I didn’t share.

It would have been smart of me to take a photo before we dove in, but I forgot. As usual.

But back to the open mind.

Based on our personal preferences and the description on the menu, all three of us were pretty sure we were going to like the Buckeye confection better than the tarts (a serving of tart is actually two tarts).

The Buckeye thing was okay.

The key lime tarts (with blueberry compote) were outstanding.

Fortunately, the dress I brought to wear for tomorrow’s competition is very forgiving. Otherwise, I’d be ordering a corset.

Love, Mom