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In Which We Meet Another Rachel and Say Thank You for the Kindness of Strangers

Dear Kid,

Did you hear about my phone?

I’m sure you heard part of the story, but here is the un-abbreviated version.

Friday evening, I hightailed it out of work. And by “hightailed it” I mean left on time and made a pit stop in the ladies room.

Friday night we (and by “we” I mean the Sycamore Aviators) played football in Hamilton which is not next door. Since dad was away, I had to zip home, walk and feed the puppy, explain to him that I was leaving, explain again that I would be home later, change into football appropriate clothes, and leave.

That was where I made my second mistake.

It had been soooo warm in the office and on the drive home that I decided (without consulting that a little shirt, my inherited lacrosse jacket, a scarf, and gloves would be perfect for the evening. Unfortunately, I had not factored in the 90 mile an hour winds which made for a much chillier evening than I’d expected.

As I was driving up to Hamilton (using Option B directions as I-75 was backed up to Florida), I glanced over at my purse (which was riding quite comfortably on the front passenger seat. One little brain cell perked up and said, “Your Phone Isn’t There.” Then it promptly died, having lived a full and useful life. But its message somehow traveled to a couple of other brain cells, and I reached over to prove them wrong. Then I groped through my purse to prove them wrong. Then I dialed dad using the car interface to prove them wrong. The car coughed and tried to explain that my phone was nowhere in the vicinity and perhaps I should try again when I located it.

I taught the car a few new words (not all of which were four letters long) and finished driving up to the game. Once I’d parked (see how safe I was?), I dragged over my purse and went through it. Twice. If you will imagine the contents of my purse, you will realize this was No Easy Task to undertake even once.

Finally admitting that I’d left my phone at home, I decided to enjoy the game unencumbered by providing you with timely updates.

I did enjoy the game, especially the kick off that went through the uprights (did I mention the 453 mile an hour winds?), and the highly imaginative officiating which fortunately didn’t change the outcome of the game but did give several coaches and parents the opportunity to turn purple with indignation. (And by “purple with indignation” I mean I thought some of them were going to bust a spleen or some other vital organ as they ranted and raged at the official who made most of the creative mistakes.)

Decided to go home and get my phone before picking up Pi at the High School. And this is where it gets weird.

Neither Tal nor Booker knew where my phone was, so I decided to use the house phone to hear the ring and locate it. I call—and Pi answers.

Me: Pi?
Pi: Maybe
Me: What? (phone clicks as Dad tries to call in)
Me: Wait a minute
Pi: Ok.
I fumble with the phone, decide I can’t figure out how to talk to Dad, and go back to Pi.
Me: Wait, who am I talking to?
Pi: This is Rachel and I found your phone in the office building
Me (brilliantly): Wait, what?

The conversation goes on like this for another minute or two.

Finally, I realize that a lovely woman named Rachel (a confusing coincidence) found my phone and rescued it not knowing what Evil Forces might abscond with it. And then she was kind enough to try to find me! And to answer the phone when I called.

I’m pretty sure she called you (what with not having heard from you all weekend, I cannot be positive), she texted with Dad, she posted on Facebook—basically, she did everything except buy a billboard. (I wonder why she didn’t buy a billboard…)

Once I had this all figured out, we agreed to meet Saturday morning so she could give me my phone.

Yes, I said thank you (more than once). Yes, I am bringing her brownies. No, there are none left for me to mail to you. And YES, I believe in the kindness of strangers.

Pay it forward. Do something nice for a stranger today.

Love, Mom

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Brownies, the Great Six Question Brownie Debate, and the Love of Chocolate

Dear Kid,

Homemade brownies DearKidLoveMom.comOnce upon a time, there were no brownies in the world. It was a very sad thing and is known by paleoculinaryhistorians as The Time of No Brownies. Then in what can only be described as a dessert-type miracle, the brownie was born.

It seems that in 1893, Mrs. Palmer (of the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago) got a hankering for brownies. She didn’t know that of course, since they hadn’t been invented yet. But hanker she did. So she asked her chef (whose name is lost in the sands of culinary time) to make a special dessert for her friends attending the Columbian Exposition. According to my friend, the internet, the new dessert was to be “smaller than a piece of cake, though still retaining cake-like characteristics and easily eaten from boxed lunches”.

The Chef created the word’s first brownie, and everyone was happy. Especially Mrs. P who was able to satisfy the world’s first brownie craving.

If you go to the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago you can still order a brownie made from the original recipe.

The chef’s creation (in addition to being delicious) sparked the Great Six Question Brownie Debate:

  • Nuts or no nuts?
  • Fudgey or cakey?
  • Edges or inside pieces?
  • Frosted or unfrosted?
  • Warm or room temperature?
  • Plain or with ice cream?

Today, there are all sorts of variations on brownies. Some brownies don’t contain chocolate (and are therefore imho not brownies at all). Some brownies contain vegetables (yes, chocolate is a vegetable—just ask Grandma—but that’s not what I’m talking about). Some contain pieces of candy (unnecessary but not sacrilegious). And some contain a variety of substances which may or may not be ­­­­legal depending on where in These Here Now United States you live (avoid the illegal—even in brownies).

Everyone has their own opinion on such things. Many of those brownie opinions are just plain wrong. And with so many combinations and permutations, there are a lot of unfortunately made brownies in the world. We can only feel sorry for them and the people eating them. Sometimes one has to reach deep and eat an imperfect confection. We do it for the betterment of the world and because who can pass up even an imperfect brownie?

Enjoy the brownies,

Love, Mom

What’s your “perfect” way to eat a brownie? Leave a comment below. Then feel free to Like us on Facebook.

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