Dear Kid,

Today may just turn out to be my favorite day ever. (Or at least in the top 100.) It’s – wait for it – Babbling Day. As in The Official Day to Talk and Not Worry About Content or Lack Thereof.

Happy Babbling Day! DearKidLoveMom.comHow wonderful is that!

And I learned a new word: Blatherskite. A “blatherskite” is a person who babbles. Synonym: Mom (beat you to it).

Babies babble. Brooks babble. With babies and brooks, babbling is something to enjoy. Not so much with people. (Well, some of us are more enjoyable than others.)

Apparently, in the telecom industry babbling means a confused mixture of extraneous sounds in a circuit. When you hear people talking that aren’t supposed to be part of your conversation.

Most of us enjoy our own babbling more than the babbling of others (except babies and brooks). It is Most Unfortunate when professors babble because they are paid to be lucid and somewhat on point. Professors almost always enjoy their own babbling more than those forced to listen.

You would expect a blog on babbling to go on forever.

This one stops here. (Just to be unexpected.)

Feel free to call me and babble today. Or any day.

Love, Mom