Breathe. It's good for you. DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

I hereby declare today Take A Deep Breath Day.

There are lots of good reasons for taking a deep breath. Your lungs will thank you. Your skin will thank you. Your taste buds might even thank you depending on the nearby aromas.

It’s also really hard (pretty much impossible) to talk while you’re taking a deep breath. And taking a moment to think before speaking is not a bad strategy at all, especially during stressful times.

Taking a deep breath can remind you that you are able to breath without the help of machinery or serious medication. That is a good thing to remember every now and then.

Taking a deep breath can help you modify your thinking. It can help you decide if what you thought you were about to say is worth saying or worth swallowing. (Note: swallowed words rarely cause indigestion. Swallowed emotions often do. So do uncooked swallows especially if they still have their feathers on. Swallowing swords is another category altogether—don’t do it.)

Taking a deep breath is relaxing, requires no equipment, and is free.

Taking a deep breath can help you phrase what you want to say in a way that allows the listener to hear you. (No guarantees about that, but you’ve got a better chance if you take a mo to think.)

Taking a deep breath gives you lots of air to breath out in a heavy sigh—which can be more colorful (and less repeatable) than angry words.

Taking a deep breath gives you time to write a blog rather than doing something you might regret.

Take a deep breath. All the way down to the bottom of your lungs. Feel the good air going in and breathe out whatever icky stuff needs to go out. Take a deep breath. And while you’re at it, take one for me.

Happy Take A Deep Breath Day.

Love, Mom