Dear Kid,

Today is the Flying Pig marathon.

I have a thing for all those flying piggies.

And I don’t object in the least to other people running or walking or marathoning.

In fact, I’m quite impressed with all that.

The first time a friend of mine ran a marathon was in grad school when the fab Karen ran her first 26.2 miles. I remember showing up in couple of places along the route to cheer her on.

Cheering is a very important part of marathoning, so to everyone participating in today’s events Oink! And Go For It! You Rock! Keep on Keeping On! Great Job!

In 1896, the first modern marathon was run as selection race for the Athens Olympics.

It wasn’t until 1984 that the Olympics added a women’s marathon. This was probably longer than it should have taken. The amazing Joan Benoit (she was the Boston University track coach in case you were wondering) won that year.

The Flying Pig ends at the Finish Swine.

Love, Mom